Growing Food

My Apartment Garden: …And That’s a Wrap!

It’s officially Fall in New York City. We’ve been having that awkward  transition weather, where a few uncharacteristically hot days give you false hope that summer is still lurking around. This past weekend I finally admitted defeat and packed up my balcony garden, thus ending  my 2012 gardening experiment. I did leave the strawberry plant out to see what happens, and moved my herbs indoors to let them cling to life for a few more days, but yanked out the big zucchini and tomato plants.

Now that it’s over, can I say my first stab at growing food was a success? I would say so! Considering I had zero knowledge going into this, I’m proud of my very steep learning curve. I may not have gotten any strawberries, enough arugula to make a full salad, nor any full sized tomatoes, but I did eat several delicious zucchinis and squash blossoms, and managed to prevent my basil, thyme, and rosemary from dying, enjoying fresh herbs all summer long. Before this experiment, I put gardening in the same bucket as knitting or owning lots of cats–boring old lady stuff that is so uncool. But I was wrong. There is something deeply satisfying and meditative about creating and maintaining life, and literally enjoying the fruits of your labor. Hopefully next year I will have access to some outdoor space again, and grow even more food! Goodbye for now, apartment garden.