Miso + Asparagus + Oven = Magic

Can we talk about my new obsession for just a bit? You may have seen it in last week’s post next to my detox burgers. I usually like posting about complete meals rather than side dishes, because it’s not very helpful if you’re looking for dinner inspiration. But this side dish…right now I just want to eat this all the time. With everything.

It came together rather randomly. I bought asparagus at the farmers market, not because I had any ideas what to do with it but I just ’cause I love eating asparagus (and the silly way it makes your pee smell!). When looking in my fridge, I noticed a ball of neglected miso paste my friend gave me ages ago to make a miso soup that never happened.

That suddenly reminded me that I saw a blog post back in March on Big Girls Small Kitchen. I was intrigued by the name “Miso-Roasted Asparagus”. I had all the ingredients on hand except white wine so I went ahead and made it! (Three bottles of red wine, but not a drop of white. Good job, Iris).

It was SO good. So good. My boyfriend said we should bottle the sauce and make millions. An obsession was born. I’m totally making this again tonight. It’s Spring, so go buy some fresh asparagus. Click on the recipe at Big Girls Small Kitchen. Make some miso-roasted asparagus. That is all.


Rediscovering Brussels Sprouts

The cool thing about a) being and adult and b) developing my palate is that I can start going back to all the foods I used to hate growing up, and pleasantly rediscover how great something can taste. Like 99.99999% of the rest of the world’s population (not a real statistic), I used to loathe brussels sprouts. I felt kind of guilty about it ’cause, c’mon, these little dudes are repping the capital of my father’s country! When I started getting curious about cooking a couple of years ago, but lacked any actual cooking skills, I attempted to steam brussels sprouts.


That reaffirmed my belief that they are just gross. It wasn’t until last year when dining at an Italian restaurant with friends that I discovered how good can they be! I guess it’s just one of those foods you need to cook right.

I love any excuse to roast things, so when I saw this recipe for Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts, I jumped on the opportunity to prepare some slammin’ sprouts and wash away the sins of that stank steamed mess I created two years ago.

First, you need quality ingredients. Don’t get that fake syrup at the supermarket. Lucky for me, the maple syrup guys just came back to my farmer’s market that week.

I crisped some pancetta while my brussels sprouts were roasting.

Then I tossed everything together, et voilà! Glorious, sweet brussels sprouts.