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On Hong Kong, Life, And Blogging (Yes, I’m Alive!)

Hey friends! You may have noticed (or probably didn’t notice, let’s be real) my extended absence from blogging. Just wanted to throw up a quick post to say, yes! I’m alive and very well. My new, exciting job as well as my big relocation to Hong Kong has kept me very busy indeed, but I’m ready to start cooking, snapping photos, eating clean, and writing again.

A quick update on what I’ve been up to during my hiatus:


I’ve been re-discovering Hong Kong food! Sadly, I need to drag my sister with me to help me read menus because my Chinese sucks. I spent my first month gorging on childhood comfort food which I now realize is pretty gross, but there’s definitely been some good finds in my hunt to get to know my cuisine and culture. Disclosure: most of this was NOT clean eating, har har. My waistline is paying for it.



As mentioned before, my beautiful and fabulous friend Rach (editor of Sassy Hong Kong who also blogs at Through The Looking Glass) let me guest-post about restaurants in HK. Check out my reviews and photos of Issan Thai Cuisine, Vietnamese street food, and a fancy-ass private kitchen.


Eating local and organic food is a challenge in Hong Kong, which drives this NY farmers market-spoiled girl ca-razy! But it is possible. More on HK’s unique food system soon.


I’m really grateful to have found an affordable, comfortable apartment that’s not too far from my job. But what’s the deal with this kitchen?! Yeesh. Let’s see if I can make it look a little less miserable.


After being in a stable job that I was very grateful to have but didn’t love about for six years, I’m excited to say I’ve broken out of my comfort zone and started pursuing my passions. Soon after arriving in HK, my friend hooked me up with a job on the management team of an amazing “fast slow food” business. Running a small business is full of daily frustrations and challenges, but with health, sustainability, and well-being for the planet and its people built into my job description, work doesn’t feel like work. How did I manage to conjure up a job that is so in line with my values and interests? I’m one lucky girl.

The blog

Life And Blog Update: Eating Clean In A New Dirty City



Hello from Vancouver! You may have noticed that Eating Clean in the Dirty City has been abnormally quiet the past two weeks. I’ve mentioned leaving New York and moving back to Hong Kong several times on the blog and guess what. That time has finally come! I left NYC earlier this month and am currently in Canada doing a little travelling before heading back to Hong Kong this week.

I apologize for the lack of new posts–productivity and vacation just don’t mix for me. But I’m excited to dive right back into blogging when I get to Hong Kong with new and exciting content for you guys. Living on the other side of the world will bring all kinds of new challenges when it comes to clean eating. And hopefully it will encourage me to finally learn how to cook Chinese food!

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