About Eating Clean in the Dirty City

Hi! I’m Iris. I didn’t know how to cook for most of my life. The most I could manage in college was some overcooked eggs or throwing in some boy choy in with my ramen. Then in my early twenties, I became fascinated with nutrition and learned what a difference high-quality whole foods make. I realized microwaving Amy’s Black Bean Vegetable Burritos everyday wasn’t the optimal diet (sorry, Amy’s). Still, there was something missing. Having grown up eating amazing food in Hong Kong and Europe, I was also longing to return to enjoying my meals and not purely eating for nutrients. I saw no way to afford eating both healthy and tasty food until I learned some simple skills in the kitchen. Armed with a new cookbook, a couple of food blogs, and a knife, I got to work.

I’ve fallen in love with cooking since then. Being the healthiest I’ve ever been is awesome, and getting to eat and serve palatable food while I’m at it is even better. I started Eating Clean in the Dirty City to show all the non-cooks out there that, yes, it’s possible for us to learn how to cook and eat right! I also want to share all the knowledge I’ve been gathering on health and nutrition with everyone. Being healthy doesn’t have to involve deprivation, bland food, long hours, fad diets, or complicated recipes. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey, and that I inspire you to do something great for your body by eating clean too.

About Iris

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and traveled to Europe quite a bit as a child. I’ve had access to delicious food growing up, and I’ve always loved eating, but cooking and health were the last things on my mind. When I was 22, I had gained a little post-grad weight and my health started to become a bit of a concern. I decided to see a nutritionist. It opened up a whole new world to me, as I really didn’t understand anything about nutrition before that. Like, seriously nothing. “I need protein?”

After I stopped nutrition counselling, I continued reading and learning, and making better decisions. At a certain point, I realized I wasn’t doing the best I could for my body until I cut out as many processed foods as I could, even if they were from the health food store. I didn’t have the money to eat out all the time, plus you never know what you’re really eating if you didn’t make it yourself, so I decided to take control of my food. I started buying more whole foods and fresh produce, figuring out how to cook them as I went along. I have first-hand experience in seeing what eating real food and balanced meals can do for your energy, immunity, and beauty. Now I absolutely love shopping and cooking to feed myself and my loved ones, and I don’t plan on stopping!

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