Never Buy It Again Video Series

Never Buy It Again: Tomato Sauce

Guys. I’m starting a video series. Please don’t laugh.

I’ve always wanted to start a video series for Eating Clean in the Dirty City about making really easy things from scratch so that you “Never But It Again”! We so often are willing to pay a premium for pre-made food, even when it means the food isn’t as fresh and nutritious and it doesn’t taste as good, because we think it’s way too much work to do it ourselves. I’m here to prove that making stuff from scratch is a lot faster and easier than you think, and totally worth it.

Video is a new medium for me so the first few will probably be pretty bad. And by first few I mean all my videos for the rest of time. But it’s OK. I’m not a perfectionist and I just want to get my message out. Enjoy!


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