Looking Back at 2012

My blog hasn’t been around for an entire year, so I can skip the obligatory Best Posts of 2012 (yay). However, I wanted to take this opportunity to share my 2012 with you in photos.

Last year, one of my resolutions was to take a photo a day. I definitely didn’t manage to do it everyday, and I almost forgot about the resolution during the last few months. But in the end I still win because I finished the year with maybe 10 times the amount of photos I’d usually have. It’s been a great creative outlet and helped my photography skills. More importantly, it’s a wonderful gift to be left with so many photos of happy memories, may they be big events like weddings, or tiny details like how much I loved my first pair of fun pink earphones. Enjoy!

This was an exciting month for me! New roomie, new bedroom, new volunteer gig at the farmers market, and all kinds of awesome resolutions, like the photo project. Oh and this gross dead fish head that sat outside my building for an entire month. How did it get there?! Why didn’t anyone clean it up?

P1030543 P1030261

The month of love! With both Valentines, my relationship anniversary, (and a flower delivery mishap) I got tons of flowers. And I baked tons of cookies for the people I <3.


I escaped what felt like a never-ending winter and went to Miamiiiii. When I came back I got started on my first attempt at growing food. This was the first life I created.

P1030466 P1030631

This was a month of learning how to love home and transform it into a beautiful place I want to spend time at. You don’t know how helpful Pinterest was in this endeavor.

P1030654 P1030674

I ate delicious food and partied at The Great Googa Mooga. I also went to LA for a few days. No biggie.

P1030779 P1030809

I turned 26! In the Dominican Republic!

P1030837 P1030860

I was loving summer food in July. LOVE. I grew it, cooked it, ate it.

P1030898 _IGP0573

I got to play with a fancy camera. My food photography suddenly got a whole lot better. Oh yeah, I also got a fat lip from jumping on a pull-up bar. Sad.

_IGP0743 P1030989

I ran my first 10K race, woohoo! And refused to let summer end. I ate ice pops and kicked pumpkins.

IMG_0614 IMG_0561
watermelon mint julep ice pop 02

I watched my childhood best friend get married in France. What a lovely, lovely couple. I also enjoyed indulging in Amsterdam. I need more speculaas in my life.

P1040011 P1040060 IMG_0631

We welcomed a lovely little lady to the fam. Say hello to my new niece :) I no longer wanted to kick pumpkins. I wanted to eat them everyday. And I wrote what was one of my post popular recipes for the blog!


Thanksgiving Turkey Burgers

I went to Vegas with my BFF bride-to-be. My little sister came to visit at the end of the month. We partied with my boyfriend at a masquerade ball on New Years Eve. Or at least I tried to force her to party. This picture is classic haha.

IMG_0700 IMG_0726 IMG_0839

What a year!!! It’s so easy to lose the present and focus on what you don’t have rather than what you do have. Looking through these photos remind me to be grateful for living such a full life with such wonderful people, and having the privilege of seeing so much of the world. 2012, I might not have seen it at the time, but you were a great one. I look forward to enjoying 2013  in real time :)


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