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Finding the Balance: How to Be Healthy And Still Enjoy Life

I guess I don’t need to tell you that a healthy lifestyle is very important to me. I did start a blog about clean eating, after all. But I don’t believe in taking things to the extreme. There is room for the occasional treat if you’re eating nutritious food, exercising, and sleeping 7-8 hours most days.

The truth is, it’s a struggle. Good habits sound so straightforward, yet if they were truly easy to do, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic, so many deaths caused by smoking, or credit card debt. Doing all the right things all the time comes naturally to some, but the majority of us are constantly trying to find the balance between acting responsibly and living a full life.

Considering where I was just a few years ago, I’m very satisfied with where my health is these days. I quit smoking, made sleep a priority, eat clean food (most days), and started running. I could definitely do more strength training and eat less sugar, but my true downfall is alcohol.

I really don’t drink all that much, and moderate alcohol consumption can have some health benefits. My problem is sticking to the recommended one drink a day. It would be great to be able to blame it on peer pressure, but really, I just love drinking. I admit it. I don’t do it at all most days, but when I do, it usually involves killing half a bottle of wine. When going out to bars, even worse–I’ll knock back a few stiff mixed drinks. You may find my little rant amusing if you know true heavy drinkers. Just remember that even if others are doing comparatively worse, it doesn’t make an unhealthy habit OK. I would like to get to the point in my life where if I do choose to have alcohol, I stop after one glass. Or two, if I’m feeling extra saucy. I’m just not there yet. I do occasionally feel guilty about my alcohol consumption, but I’m having fun in my youth and trying to strike a balance.

What’s your downfall? How do you struggle with finding the balance?


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  1. I hear you – for me it’s drinking, eating desserts, wheat, dairy, sugar… I occasionally get on a heath kick and try to eliminate one of those “bad” foods out of my diet, but then I realize I become a not fun person. My take is that unless it’s for a major health reason or if you need a healthy body to make your living (i.e. models, actresses, though it’s questionable if they have healthy bodies), you might as well enjoy the finer things in life.

    • Word. You can’t boil down food and beverage to nothing but fuel for the body, or if you do it’s a sad way to live. It’s about enjoyment, culture, tradition, etc. Moderation might be a slippery slope but I’ve definitely had better luck doing that than eliminating!

      Oh models. How do they do it.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Seriously! I’m so with you. Different order, same changes… and every time they tell me “just one beer is OK” I laugh cause I think they’re kidding. You know the people at Whole Foods selling me Kale, stuff like that. I love mixed drinks, but I mix them with pop. No where else in my life do I drink fizzy, sugary, chemical-y stuff but I love Sprite with my vodka and I usually get to have 2-6 of them depending on what’s going on.

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