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How Nutritious Are Your Leafy Greens?

I’m not into salads like 70% of the year. Cooked veggies are awesome. And if you know me well enough you know I DESPISE iceberg lettuce. But when those hot, hot, hot summer days roll around I am all about the salads. If I happen to be in the mood for solid food that is, as opposed to ice pops and Jamba Juice. But no iceberg lettuce salads, of course. Hell to the no.

I’ve always assumed there wasn’t too much going on nutrition-wise in salad greens, except for my beloved spinach, which is my go-to one. My boyfriend recently sent me a Lifehacker post about leafy greens with this cool chart. Who knew romaine had it going on? This makes me feel better about what I used to think was a weak excuse for vegetable servings!

What are your favorite salad greens? Iceberg lettuce–yay or nay?


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  1. I hate iceberg as well. Based on this, I’ll be eating more spinach, romaine and red leaf – had no idea arugula is relatively poor in those nutrients and it’s only marginally better than iceberg! If you have access to a grill, I recommend grilling the romaine – we just started doing that and turning it into a modified caesar salad and it’s delicious.

    • I’ve heard grilling romaine is good! I still don’t have a grill but will be sure to bring some romaine next time I’m invited to a cookout.

  2. Oh, no, never iceberg. Because of this one opinion I have been (good natured-ly) labelled a food snob by my in-laws. They tease me regularly for saying that “iceberg is nutritionally empty”. But it seems from your very helpful chart that even iceberg has a bit of goodness. I prefer spinach, too, since it has some iron.

    • It’s definitely not the worst thing you can eat. It’s still a vegetable at the end of the day! But it also doesn’t taste like much so I’m going to continue being a snob and choose other salad greens over it :)

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