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My Apartment Garden: Eating My First Home Grown Zucchini

Time for yet another update! We’re in mid-July now and I’m still not seeing any tomatoes. The plant is looking healthy and big (see above), but no sign of the fruit. A friend’s dad just told me he’s had no luck with the Topsy Turvy. Getting worried.

The upside is that my zucchini is doing well. Look at how big this guy is, high up in the sky!

I didn’t get to eat my very first zucchini. I left it to grow big and somehow it rotted on the plant and was floppy…ew. So out of fear, I followed my gardening book’s suggestion of picking them when they’re the size of your fingers. I did so, but didn’t really know what to do with these baby zucchinis so I just had them raw. Not bad, but not great.

I finally did get two decent size zucchinis that did not rot. I kept it simple and turned them into soup with garlic, onions and chicken stock. It tasted especially good knowing that I grew them all by myself, yay. Also, I just found out you can eat the flowers on the plant. I’ve heard of squash blossoms but didn’t put two and two together. Won’t be throwing them away next time!


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  1. Congrats on your first veggies from your balcony! These days my fave way to eat zucchini is to dice them small and saute them with fresh corn kernels off the cob, with lime and basil thrown in at the end.

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