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Rebelling Against the Cookbook Extinction

Ever since I discovered food blogs, I’ve pretty much neglected my cookbooks. With so many exciting and creative recipes that are on the internet for free, I’d never run out of things to make. While cookbooks remain static, food blogs keep with the times with trendy recipes. Some people think cookbooks will go extinct, and when you think about our technology, it sounds very likely.

There’s still something alluring about a physical cookbook, though. I’ve decided to start making better use of my small, haphazard collection. Some I bought very¬†intentionally, some I randomly bought on a whim, and some were gifts. I’d say my current favorites are the Joy the Baker Cookbook and In the Small Kitchen¬†(my Amazon affiliate program links)–two books very well suited for the 20 or 30-something cook. I also have two Barefoot Contessa books that I go back to time and time again. Ina Garten doesn’t play games. Either way, I’m going to try pick a recipe from my tangible recipe collection each week and fight the cookbook extinction!

Do you use cookbooks, or do you think they’re a thing of the past? What are your go-to cookbooks? (p.s. I’m in search of the perfect clean eating omnivore cookbook! Know one?)


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